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Aging and Our Body’s Ability to Heal Itself

Our bodies are constantly changing as we age, affecting our overall health and well-being. The changes can be physical, emotional, and/or psychological. Although these changes may take place over long periods of time, it is essential to understand how they affect our bodies so that we can take steps to maintain our health as we […]

What is Credit Health Insurance?

As a country, we love to buy things on credit. From automobiles to appliances, laptops to lawnmowers, Americans use an exorbitant amount of credit. According to Experian, in 2021, the average person holds over $96,000 in non-mortgage debt. With so much money at stake, it may be worthwhile to consider insuring yourself in the event […]

Keeping Health Insurance After a Layoff

Losing your job can be a difficult and stressful time. As the federal government continues its pursuit of keeping inflation at bay, it is expected that some contraction will occur in the labor force as a result. This has led Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., to report that layoffs are expected to increase this year. […]

Waking Up to the Impact of Insomnia

Did you know that according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, approximately 30% of adults in the United States suffer from insomnia? Of those who suffer from this sleep disorder, more than a quarter say that insomnia worsens their lives. Some of the common symptoms of insomnia include: There are several causes of insomnia. […]

How Life Insurance Benefits Women

Did you know there is a gender gap when it comes to life insurance? A recent survey by Forbes revealed that 22% of women do not have any life insurance, and a significantly higher number of women don’t have enough. This contrasts with the 89% of men who have a life insurance policy of some […]

Electric Car: To Buy or to Lease?

When it is time to get a new vehicle, we all face the same dilemma: buy or lease. The debate has been raging ever since Zollie Frank started the practice of long-term leasing way back in 1914. However, if the next ride you are considering will be an electric vehicle (EV), your decision to buy […]

What experts say about raising the retirement age

The social security piggy bank is running low, at least according to lawmakers who are looking for ways to shore up the program’s trust funds. Once again, Congress is contemplating increasing the retirement age. This certainly isn’t the first time the governmental body has used this tactic to keep the books in balance (relatively speaking). […]

Coverage for healthcare treatment denied? Here’s what you can do.

Navigating the insurance world can be tricky, especially when you’re faced with a denial of coverage for your medical treatment. While a denied claim can be frustrating, it’s essential to review the denial carefully as it usually explains the steps to take to make an appeal. Let’s first understand why a health insurance company may […]

How are the proceeds of a life settlement taxed?

Life settlements have been gaining popularity recently, but many people don’t know how they are taxed. Today we explore what a life settlement is, a little bit about its history, and the potential tax implications to consider before pursuing this type of settlement. A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy to […]

Sharing the Road with Cyclists

There are over 47 million cyclists in the United States. Unfortunately, accidents involving automobiles and cyclists have become all too common. In 2020 alone, there were more than 5,900 accidents involving cars and bicycles that resulted in fatalities or serious injuries. [1] And the roads are only getting more crowded. As a driver, it is […]

Buying Life Insurance for an Elderly Parent?

When an elderly parent relies on their adult children for support, the costs of medical bills, in-home or assisted-living care, and final expenses can add up, creating not only a financial burden for children, but an emotional one as well. Having a life insurance policy in place can be one way of providing financial security […]

What Every Renter Needs to Know about Renters Insurance

If you’re renting your home or apartment, you might think insurance isn’t necessary. As it turns out, renters insurance can be a lifesaver if something unexpected happens. Here is what every renter needs to know about this important coverage: Affordable Protection – Many individuals assume renters insurance is expensive, but that’s not necessarily true. In […]

Medicaid Unwinding: Your Questions Answered

When the pandemic began, Congress enacted the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Designed to safeguard employees by extending paid sick and family leave, the Act also included a provision to protect Medicaid recipients from inadvertently losing coverage. However, the Medicaid component will expire in March 2023. The end of the provision is also known […]

Does Uber Insurance Cover Passengers?

Auto insurance is one of the most critical policies you will ever own. This is especially true for Uber drivers, who not only need to ensure they are adequately covered, but also must know exactly what their policy covers. Uber, like many other ride-sharing companies, offers its drivers a type of auto insurance. However, this […]

Living Your Best Life After 60

Turning 60 typically marks a new chapter in one’s life. It’s a time to reassess your goals, focus on what brings you joy, and make the most of the time ahead. Ultimately, after years of hard work, we strive to live our best life as we head into retirement. Although everyone’s best life will differ, […]